ECG receptacle connector with wire harness
Product Introduction

Advanced ECG Connectors for Medical Monitoring

Cambus is dedicated to providing the medical industry with superior ECG connectors and cable connectors, designed to meet the rigorous demands of patient monitoring systems. Our state-of-the-art ECG connectors are engineered for durability, compatibility, and performance, ensuring reliable readings and patient safety.

Customized ECG Connectors at Monitor side

Our 11-pin connectors, featuring a 1.5mm socket on the monitor side, are crafted with precision. The 11P Green and 9P Purple receptacle connectors are fully compatible with OEM trunk cables and monitoring devices. We specialize in customizing connectors to fit the unique needs of medical professionals, offering tailored solutions that integrate seamlessly with your existing equipment.

Features for Enhanced Safety and Usability

Each ECG cable connector boasts an innovative design, providing enhanced strength for long-term use. Our connectors are easy to clean, disinfect, and are built with integrated injection molding for high insulation and pressure resistance.

Choose Cambus as your best ECG connector manufacturer, where customization, quality, and performance converge to support the critical work of medical professionals.

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